Every tail butt plug, ears, paws, leg warmers, and collar order ships 100% discreetly. We have a 100% privacy guarantee.




Our 3 Tailed Kitsune full set is handmade with high quality faux fur. It includes:

- 3 Tailed Kitsune Tail

- Premium Poseable Fox Ears

- Lace Collar

- Paws

- Leg Warmers

The tail is made of 3 detachable tails connected together and each tail measures 28 in / 71cm in length. It is not wired but can be. In the photo the tails were pinned up so they were clearly visible. The leg warmers measure 16" in length and are made with elastic around of the top for a comfortable fit. This set is also offered in a Tug Tail version (in a different listing) which is our patent pending design for tails make durable enough for pulling. Please check out our Tug Tails category at the top of the page to view that listing.


We do make custom orders as well so if you have an idea for something unique that you would like made or would simply like to make alterations to this item please send us a message by clicking "Contact Us" at the top of the page (we are happy to make size alterations or make them other colors).



Because these items are handmade they can have some differences from photos and measurements.


We have a 100% privacy guarantee.  Every order ships 100% discreetly.


3 Tailed Kitsune Full Set - White/Pink