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We set out to make the finest tail butt plug and ears sets. Our mix of high quality craftmanship and friendly customer service have helped us earn over 100,000 customers worldwide. Please know that we are here to help and make your shopping experience exactly what it should be.

bdsm tail butt plug tail plug fluffies tail rust white black mix vuz.jpg


While we do not offer returns or exchanges due to the intimate nature of our items, we can always find a way to help and appreciate the opportunity to do so. Please reach out anytime that we can be of assistance:


We have always enjoyed these kind of items but were unable to find the quality and customization options that we wanted in the marketplace so we used our decades of sewing experience to improve the areas were we felt many tails and ears came up short. The result, is gorgeous long lasting, high quality items, that will provide the experience you would hope for, because you're worth it!

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