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Tail Care Instructions

Tail plugs are generally not made for pulling on the tail and should always be removed using the stopper (the round metal base). Pulling on the tail can cause it to separate from the plug and permanently damage your tail. Damage from misuse like pulling is not covered by our company. If you are interested in pulling we do make tails specifically designed for this called “Tug Tails” which are available in our online store, but all other tails should not be pulled as they can be permanently damaged.


It is ok to lightly brush your tail upon receiving it. This will help remove any fibers or fur that have loosened during the shipping process, however the gentler you are with your tail plugs the longer they will last. Avoid pulling on them, bending them, or rolling over on them, anything that would create a pulling pressure on the tail.


We recommend water based lubricants as they work well and are easy to clean. Spot cleaning is the safest way to clean your tail. Use a cloth with warm water and a small amount of a gentle soap and apply it to the area needing cleaning only. Please do not get the entire tail wet as that added weight would pull on the tail. Only clean the areas that need cleaning.

Store tails away from pets as they may see them as a toy and damage them. Avoid folding and bending your tail as that will create wear on the tail much faster. If you do not have a safe way of storing your tail you can use the clear plastic bag your tail arrived in to keep it in good condition. If you would like to hang your tail to keep the fur laying nicely please hang it from the plug end (with the plug safely covered in a storage bag) and not from the tip of the tail.


Thank you very much for your business it is truly appreciated. We are always happy to help in any way that we can but we ask that you be gentle with your tails so they can be enjoyed for a long time. Again, if you are interested in tails designed to be durable enough for pulling please check out our Tug Tails in our online store.


Thank you,


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