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We understand that we have a wide customer base and that our items are used in many different ways. To accommodate the needs of our customers we offer every tail with multiple options.

Clip Option: The clip option means your tail with come with a clip on it that will allow you to clip your tail onto your pants or costume. The "Clip Tail" option is the first choice in the drop down menu of each listing and says "Clip Tail - No Plug".

Plug Option: This choice means you would like your tail attached to an anal plug. We offer both stainless and silicone plugs in small, medium, and large sizes which can be chosen from the drop down menu. We also offer detachable tail option describe in the next paragraph.

Detachable Option: This option allows you to attach or detach your tail from your plug quickly and easily. The benefits of this option is that it allows you to purchase tails cheaper as clip tails and simply switch them out on your anal plug without having to purchase a plug also every time you would like a new tail. Also, that the tail can be removed to be worn in public, for parties, and festivals.

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