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*Because this is a custom order any available coupon codes may not be used. By purchasing customer is agreeing to the accuracy of this listing. Custom orders may not be returned or exchanged. Larger tails of this scope do have very notable weight as discussed as they do require a significant amount of padding. The vast majority of the diameter is created with padding, not the length of the fur. The length of the fur on each side of the tail is approximately 2"-2.5" as is standard with most all tails, thank you*


Custom order for:


 - 84" Tug Tail with a 20" diameter tail made with our mixed grey/black fabric as discussed. Tail will not have a different colored tip, it will be the same fabric all the way the down. Tail will be tapered at the connection end also similar to the tip. 


- Medium silicone Tug Tail style plug


- *FREE* - Large size Tug Tail style plug


Thank you!


Thank you!








Custom Order for WC

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