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Every 3 Tailed Kitsune Tug Tail butt plug order ships 100% discreetly. We have a 100% privacy guarantee.



Our "Tug Tails" are an exclusive patented Vuzara design and all orders ship next business day! We know some of our foxy and kitty friends like to play a little rougher than others and need a durable tail that can keep up with them so we created Tug Tails! We use a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing for these tails to provide added strength. Also, we attach an ultra durable loop to connect them to the plugs and create an ultimate Tug Tail that will never let you down. All Tug Tails are detachable and interchangeable.

This 3 tailed kitsune tail and ears set is made with realistic looking faux fur and is a fun addition to any toy collection. Each tail measures in at a length of about 28 in / 71 cm. All options come with the matching ears as well. The dimensions of our metal and silicone plugs are visible in the last photo. Items can have some differences from photos and measurements.

You get to choose if you would like a metal plug or a silicone plug and what size you would like. Every choice includes the ears,tail, and the plug except the "Clip On Tail-No Plug" option. If you choose that option it will come with the ears, 3 tails, and a metal clip so you are able to attach them to a belt loop. 

Kitsune Tail Butt Plug - 28" White/Purple Tug Tail & Kitsune Ears Set

    • Always 100% Discreet Shipping Guaranteed
    • All Orders Ship in 1 Business Day
    • Plug Measurements Shown in the Last Photo
    • We make Custom Orders - Contact Us for Info
    • All Tug Tails are Detachable and Interchangeable
    • Please add us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
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